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Young Adults Living as Christ’s Witnesses

Sofia Kenny, President, Young Catholic Professionals Silicon Valley


Tell me about your involvement in Young Catholic Professionals and what opportunities this group offers.

Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) is the nation's fastest-growing Catholic young adult group catering to 20 to 30-year-olds, with over 30 chapters across the country. Our Silicon Valley chapter started seven years ago. YCP’s mission is to form modern-day saints in the workplace. We offer a popular Executive Speaker Series and host other seasonal events.  Someone can be a non-member and attend some of these events.  We have a two-tiered membership structure for those who want access to coordinated events such as happy-hour socials, panel discussions, and mentorship with a Catholic Silicon Valley executive.  These events aim to help young adult Catholics live their faith as Christ’s witnesses in their professional lives.

What about joining YCP has impacted you the most spiritually?

Through YCP, I was introduced to Saint Joseph the Worker, who serves as the patron saint of YCP. Saint Joseph, renowned for his diligent work ethic as a carpenter, epitomized a profoundly meaningful approach to work centered on Christ.  This reshaped my understanding of the authentic purpose of work: to foster personal growth in holiness. This profound insight into the sanctity of work, as taught through the example of Saint Joseph, has equipped me with a renewed perspective. Even seemingly mundane or unexciting tasks can be offered to God in reparation for sin, and it can be used to give thanks to God. Additionally, navigating the various temptations encountered throughout our career journeys is an ongoing challenge. Through this new perspective, I can better recognize that diligence and a supportive faith community are integral to Christian life for those who seek to grow in virtue.

How has on-the-ground networking with the local YCP community impacted you spiritually?

I have found like-minded friends with the same faith goals who desire to grow in virtue. We have formed authentic, supportive, and encouraging friendships. I was also blessed to find a spiritual director, Fr. Anthony Sortino, who has offered invaluable spiritual guidance to help me grow in my relationship with God and enhance my understanding of the faith.

What do you wish others knew about the strengths of the local Young Catholic Professionals chapter? What do they offer spiritually?

I would like them to know that through YCP, young adults can find genuine support, encouragement, and camaraderie; YCP’s mission is focused on fostering a true sense of belonging and spiritual nourishment in addition to practical resources and opportunities for professional growth.

Can you comment on YCP service experiences where you all encountered the face of Christ in those you were serving?

As the president of YCP Silicon Valley, I am blessed to encounter the face of Christ through the people who attend and volunteer at our events. Our decisions during our 20s and 30s will affect the rest of our lives and the lives of those around us. Our volunteers have an apostolic zeal to bring Christ to all the young adults in Silicon Valley and create a new young adult culture committed to growing in holiness. I also witness the face of Christ in the attendees we serve, particularly among young adults seeking a community. Witnessing their eagerness, openness, and genuine desire to grow is truly inspiring. Through their presence, I am reminded of the transformative power of community and the profound impact it can have on one's spiritual journey.

To learn more about Young Catholic Professionals, visit their webpage.

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Sofia Kenny was born in India and raised in San Jose. She is a business analyst with a master’s degree in business analytics from Santa Clara University. Outside her role as president of the Young Catholic Professionals Silicon Valley chapter, she is a regular cantor at Saint Joseph of Cupertino and Resurrection Church in Sunnyvale.

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