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 | By Jennifer Beltramo and Elizabeth Trela,  Superintendent and Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Letter from the Superintendents

We celebrate the first half of the 2023-2024 school year with gratitude and excitement. This year has been filled with energy, joy, and hope as new and returning students, staff, and parents unite as diverse communities growing in faith, relationship, and knowledge.

Throughout the school year, we have been inspired to witness so many dedicated, skilled, and compassionate leaders and teachers coming together with a deep commitment to touch the very hearts of those they serve, nurturing communion with Christ and one another. They foster a love of learning, a deep sense of compassion, and a commitment to service. They are giving our children the lens not only to navigate the world but the ability to truly transform it.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunities enkindled by the new Diocesan Pastoral Plan, which calls us to imagine the Catholic Church in San José fully alive. The formation of children is woven into the very fabric of our Church as we seek to form the whole child in safe, welcoming environments where adults throughout the community partner with one another to ensure every child can thrive.

In the coming months, we invite everyone to come, witness, and participate in our vibrant Catholic schools. Our doors are open to welcome new families!

Our faculties and staff are excited to welcome new educators! Every adult plays a vital role in the formation and education of a child. Whether as a first or second career, we would love for you to share your gifts.

Our communities are eager to welcome new partners! Relationships are at the heart of education, and we cannot do this work alone.  The prayers of the community, the engagement of alumni and parishioners, the generosity of benefactors and local businesses, and the offering of time and talent all make an immense impact.   Come share in the stewardship of Catholic schools by  locating a nearby school which can be found by scanning the first QR code above.

May the grace of God guide us, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit inspire us, and the love of Christ unite us as we continue this journey and sacred mission. Together, let us make this a year filled with faith, learning, and the joy of community.

Yours in Christ,

Jennifer Beltramo and Elizabeth Trela,  Superintendent and Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools