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Coat of Arms of Bishop Emeritus Patrick J. McGrath


Shield color


Represents the blood of Christ and the Episcopate

Waves of blue and white

Represents the Atlantic Ocean, which lies between his birth home, Ireland, and the U.S


The symbol of St. John the Evangelist

Scallop Shell and Three Drops of Water

The symbol of St. John the Baptist


In honor of his mother’s French heritage

External ornaments on all shields for all Catholic Bishops:

Processional cross, gallero hat with six tassels in three rows, on either side of the shield, all in green.


Together in Christ

Bishop Patrick’s motto is from 1 Cor 12.

“By use of this phrase His excellency Bishop McGrath wished to state his firm believe that all of us, regardless of race or ethnic origin, are brothers and sisters in the work of humankind and of salvation,” (Sullivan, P., The Valley Catholic, v.16, n.11, p.18)