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 | By Cecile Mantecon

Why God Made Teachers? St. Clare’s First Graders Tell Us Why

A couple of weeks ago, our community celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. While we appreciate teachers year-round, this is a special time when we take moment to show our gratitude for the great work they do and the love they put into teaching each student to become the best they could be.  

During this time, students might give their teachers a flower, a sweet note or share their gratitude in different ways.  

This year, with the help of one of our amazing and creative parents, our first graders found a new way to show their appreciation to Mrs. Mafalda Soares and Ms. Dahlia Onsurez

The two teachers were pleasantly surprised to receive from their students a heart-warming video interpretation of Kevin William Huff's beloved poem, “Why God Made Teachers.” 

The video, which cuts to the heart, was specially touching during this time of sheltering at home and distance learning.  Although students see their teachers via video conferencing every day, they miss interacting with their teachers in person. Likewise, teachers miss the students very much. The students' energy, the joy they bring to the classroom and seeing wonder and awe through the students' eyes are greatly missed in the teachers' daily reality.  

We hope this video brings you joy and lifts your spirits up as we celebrate teachers everywhere. Thank you for all that you do!