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Statement on the Supreme Court Decision to Block Cancellation of DACA Program

The Diocese of San José applauds today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which rejects the administration’s decision to cancel the federal DACA program. The program provides work authorizations and legal protections to 650,000 people brought to the U.S. as children and often know America as their only home.  

The Catholic Church has long watched with pride and admiration as DACA youth live out their daily lives with hope and a determination to flourish and contribute to society: continuing to work and provide for their families, continuing to serve in the military, and continuing to receive an education.  

DACA youth are woven into the fabric of our country and of our Church, and are, by every social and human measure, American youth. 

The Diocese of San José will continue to support and advocate for the needs of immigrants, and specifically the DACA youth.  “We are with you,” says Bishop Cantu, “and accompany you in this fight for dignity and stability.” 

We call upon Congress to pass laws that protect these young people, many for whom the United States is the only place they have ever known. 

We also ask Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform, to fix the broken immigration system and, in so doing, to place the unification of families as a priority. 

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