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 | By Wendy Brennan, St. Patrick School

“Essential Gratitude” for our Essential Workers

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have all heard a lot about our “essential workers,” the sacrifices they make for our community, and how they sometimes risk their own health to help others. These are the people doing the work that is necessary to meet our basic needs – keeping hospitals and grocery stores open, maintaining public safety, transporting goods and providing other basic services for our survival and well-being. 

At St. Patrick School, many of our parents work in essential industries and have continued to serve our community in distress.  As a way to end this most unusual school year with full appreciation for their work, our Art-in-Action teacher, Mrs. Debi Del Biaggio, wanted to capture all the gratitude that students were feeling for their parents and all those that continued to serve in this time of need.  She asked the students to create a banner celebrating the essential workers in our community.  Students used the resources available to them at home: paint, markers or simply pencils and paper.  They were driven by creativity and the need to express their thanks.  Then, our Media Club instructor, Mr. Matthew Marin, wove this creativity into a beautiful video full of love and appreciation.  We hope you enjoy it!